Welcome to my home on the web, focused on my writing, my books, and yes, my thoughts and opinions, in that most contemporary form of communication, a blog.

John Muir wrote:

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

That is to say, my books, The Perfect Turn, The Straight Course, Night Driving and Climbing to Freedom are hitched to everything else.

Those of us who share the freedom of living our lives in the mountains—skiing, climbing, breathing fresh air, viewing a clear sky, easily finding privacy and solitude or companionship and communion with friends and nature in an afternoon hike to a nearby peak, enjoying lakes and streams that are clean enough for swimming, if no longer drinkable—also share the responsibilities of that privilege.

The intention of my blog is fulfill some of my responsibilities to the universe by making connections to help us all understand why I can no longer drink from the lakes and streams I drank from as a boy. With understanding there can be hope. Without it everything is unhitched. This is a blog of hope.

Enjoy your visit. Dick Dorworth