About the Author

Dick Dorworth has skied and climbed in Europe, Asia, Alaska and South America; but he’s spent most of his life in the mountains of the West. He ski raced extensively from 1950 through 1965 and set the world record for speed on skis in Portillo, Chile in 1963. Dick taught and coached skiing for years,served as coach of the U.S. Ski Men’s Team, and later Director of the Aspen Mountain Ski School.

Dorworth’s writing has appeared in Ski, Skiing, Powder, Snow Country, Mountain Gazette, Men’s Journal, Climbing, New West, Mariah, Wild Duck Review, Summit, and Backpacker.

Today he lives in Ketchum, Idaho in winter where he skis on his favorite mountain, Baldy, or in the backcountry. In summer he lives in Bozeman, Montana and climbs.on the many local crags. He writes all year.

Night Driving, Dorworth’s first book, was published in 2007 by First Ascent Press. The Perfect Turn, a collection of Dick’s ski writing, ranging from expedition accounts, to biographies of remarkable and particularly engaging skiers, to ski fiction was published by Western Eye Press in 2010 and immediately won the Ski History Association prize for the best new ski book of the year. Dorworth’s next book, The Straight Course, a memoir of speed skiing adventures around the world in the 60s was published the following year, also by Western Eye Press. In May 2013 Night Driving was published in paperback by Western Eye Press. Climbing to Freedom was published in paperback by Western Eye Press in 2015.